Considering Pre-Marital Classes?

June 16, 2016


Your engagement time has been filled with the details of planning your wedding.


You have lovingly labored for many months with you time and energy to create a beautiful wedding. Booked a lovely venue, chosen which flowers would be just right, considered the many shades of ink for the invitations and collaborated over with me over your wedding vows so that they may be meaningful, inspiring, and touch your hearts.


The wise couple will realize they must also prepare for the transition from single life to married life.


Walking down your aisle is one of the highest moments in your life. Walk down that aisle with peace of mind and comfort knowing you're ready not only in heart but mind as well.


With a Bachelors from Texas State University in Family, a contemporary non-denominational, religious and non-religious Officiant, Nurse of thirty-five years, Family Life Educator and a Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator, I'm excited to work with couples who have a desire to strengthen their relationships and build a strong foundation for their marriage.


I encourage couples to explore the idea of Pre-Marital Classes. 


While it is not requred in Texas, classes can strengthen your relationship, clarify expectations and learn where your strengths and weakness are and how to enhance or fortify them. Understand your family of origin and how it will impact your marriage.


You've talked for sometime now and learned a great deal about each other but have you really talked about each others philosophies about having children, in-laws, money topics, inter-faith issues, your individual goals and goals for your marriage.


I work with couples from all ethnic and cultural groups, both planning to marry or already married, find their strengths in their relationship by encouraging productive conversations, address issues couples have, build relationship skills and identify and resolve current issues and prevent future problems.


Great for young couples never married before and for couples blending step-children into the new family unit.


You're going to love it. It's a bit of work but it's fun, enlightening, and remember you're investing in one of life's most important experiences...your Marriage and your Family.

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