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May 4, 2015


What goes under your gown is just as important as selecting your gown.  Without the proper undergarments your gown will not fit right nor will it hang properly.


Tugging a pulling at your gown all night is exhausting not to mention unladylike!


A good alterations with the correct undergarments will allow for a comfortable and secure fit.  Your bridal gown consultant will know what is required for the dress you have chosen.


The Bridal lingerie Industry has a beautiful assortment of slips, bras, bridal corsets, body shapers, garter belts, stockings, and more.


You do not have to purchase your trousseau from the salon that you purchased your dress from however, they do tend to make the undergarment in a way that fit with their dress inventory.  You won't have the bra or corset peaking out from under the dress all night nor will you have boning showing through your dress.


Outlet malls and private boutiques can assist you as well and of course there is always the Internet.


Once your foundation is determined, slip into your beautiful dress and complete your look by selecting your veil, jewelry and gloves.


A word about VEILS.


Many times brides are on the fence over wearing a veil.  They just don't feel OK (for many different personal reasons) about wearing a veil.  Maybe it's a second wedding or the attached belief of "purity" to the wearing of the veil.


So why wear a veil?


It's simple.  When you put your gown on... step up on the salon podium...Your just a beautiful girl in a beautiful gown.


Place a veil on top of your head and watch the magic!


That beautiful girl, in the "wink" of the eye has become a bride!


There is no other time in my career as a Consultant that I get the joy of witnessing the emotional change that takes place in my client than when she puts that veil on her head.


She now see's herself as the bride she has always dreamed of ever since she was a little girl.



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