Rehearsal Day

Once I arrive, we start the Rehearsal on time to keep you on schedule for your Rehearsal Dinner.


I’ll obtain the Marriage License now from your designated person.

Ushers and Guest Seating


With your “Homework” you have already determined what the scope of your Ushers duties will be and you have decided where your guest will sit as well as your Mom’s and Dad’s and other significant family members. This information will now be shared with everyone so they will know their roles and duties for the ceremony as well


Processional Coordination


I instruct everyone in the details of the “Processional


  1. Order of the BRIDAL PARTY/FAMILY lineup.

  2. How to stand and where to stand.

  3. No gum chewing.

  4. Cell phone turned off.

  5. If there are Flower Girls and Ring Bears in the ceremony I locate their Moms and Dads and give them the "what to do if" the kids panic and can't make it down the aisle.

  6. This also applies to any pet’s handlers, birds and other animals in your wedding.


I also give instructions to Mom’s, Dad’s, and Grandparents to calm their nerves and assure them that their Processional and Recessional will run smooth for them too!


Recessional Coordination


I control the Recessional (your exit down the aisle) for you, your Bridal Party and Family members so your exit runs smooth.


No "train wreck" with your guest jumping up until you and your party has cleared the area. 


Final Instructions


All the Bridal Party and Family will have a clear understanding of where they are to go once they have made their Recessionals down the aisle.


They now know if they are to circle back for photos or head to the Cocktail hour while you the Bride and Groom are taking your ten minutes to celebrate your new “married” status.



Final Payment To Vendors


Be prepared on the evening of the Rehearsal to pay any vendors that are supposed to be paid prior to the wedding.

Come prepared to give me your full attention and all will run smoothly not only for the Rehearsal but your wedding day as well.

Questions and Answers


All last-minute questions and answers will be addressed and then it’s off to your Rehearsal dinner festivities!


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