What's in a Color?

I have always loved the color pink. The pink pinafore my mother made for me as a little girl with pretty ruffles was worn with great happiness. My bedroom was pink. Baby dolls were all dressed in some shade of the color as well as shoes, purses and jewelry.

And then came the pink lipsticks and nail polish of my teen and adult years. The frosted pinks of the 60’s were just right for a young girl growing into a young woman. “Twiggy” had nothing on me.

The “Kardashian” pink lipstick I wear now has become a trademark for me. In some weird way that pink lipstick gives me confidence and of course a smile goes with it.

As a Wedding Ceremony Coordinator and Officiant I see pink and it’s every shade…blush, rose, ashes of roses, hot pink, pale pink…and so on regularly at the weddings I perform. Brides love pink.

Now my wardrobe has a need for the color pink.

I am now living and SURVIVING invasive metastatic breast cancer.

My cancer is GONE! While I am not cured Bobby and I are ecstatic!

Never could I have imagined that my beloved pink would have a new meaning to me. Not just the simple joy of the color but now a powerful meaning behind the color.

Everyone knows the flagship "Pink Ribbon" for breast cancer research but what many don't know is that it is many times bootlegged or is simply junk that is sold for profit vs. for cancer research, research that is so badly needed. You see…very little to any research is done on those of us who are in stage three or four (there only four stages) of breast cancer. The cancer research that is done today is for stage 0 to stage one and two. Those they can “fix” get the money and those they can’t …don’t.

SO please "Think before you "PINK" anything with a “Pink Ribbon Campaign".

We all hear it. Catch it early. Prevention (mammograms) is the mantra for the best outcome for breast cancer. Problem is not all breast cancers…such as mine…are found on annual mammograms. Every year I dutifully did my mammogram and then walked out of the screening clinic to my car with cancer in my chest. Many of us who are in this “small sliver” of failed mammograms as my doctor calls it, are many times stigmatized as bringing this on ourselves because we failed to do our mammograms. An assumption that is just plain wrong and does not address the real problem. The problem that the medical community needs to address and that is, we didn’t fail, the mammograms failed us.

I'm in the “Love” business. If it were not for love I would be out of business and in more ways than one. I’ve been overwhelmed by the love of so many. Prayers from Rabbis in ancient temples in Israel, prayers of family, friends and my business associates have been heard by G-d loud and clear.

Many of my couples have called me, sent flowers and letters or cards with prayers.

People I’ve only known very briefly have stunned me with their love and kindness.

The fallout from “chemo, radiation and surgeries” or what I fondly call “poison, burn and cut” pushed my limits of my ability to have faith that I was made strong and resilient and I have survived and overcome this season in my life.

And...It is just a "season".

It’s the season of “pink”.

It gives me hope and my G-d gives me my strength.

As far as the color “pink”, my closet is full of it.

I think, now…I’ll pick a new favorite color.

Peace and Blessings,




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