Photography and Videography Guidelines

In creating your beautiful wedding ceremony, photography and videography are a wonderful way to save your memories of your wedding day for a lifetime. I strongly encourage couples to hire a “professional” photographer and or a videographer for their wedding day.

Many venues have strict guidelines for wedding photography before, during and after the ceremony as well as do some Officiants of various denominations. Many Ministers and churches are very strict and do not allow photo’s at all. Some will allow the photographer to shoot at will except during prayers.

It is imperative that your photographer and videographer understands and comply with our guidelines of Cynthia Black Weddings and adjust accordingly. Planning ahead, consulting with your professional photographer/or videographer, will clarify to everyone the guidelines for photographing your wedding day.

Remember that, the primary purpose of the day is a splendid marriage ceremony and service and the sharing of your vows with your family and friends. Everything else is SECONDARY to that purpose. Remember that, from an Officiants perspective, I need to be able to see and hear the bride and groom as they are speaking, as well as your guests.

Realize that sounds…especially sounds of the camera mirror popping up, the shutter sound, various beeps and motorized parts are greatly magnified by the quiet times of a religious service. These noises are distractive to the mood we are trying to set.

Bride and Groom’s Instructions to Photographer/Videographer

In creating a cordial relationship with Photographers/Videographers and the Officiant, and for both Officiant and Photographer to do their job for the couple, all parties agree that the wedding ceremony is the primary focus of the event and the sanctity of the moment is to be respected.

Photographer/or Videographer will:

  • Turn off all “noise” making aspects of the cameras or video equipment off during the ceremony and remain as respectfully quiet and inconspicuous as possible.

  • Once the ceremony begins (with the seating of the parents) to the Recessional, Photographer/or Videographer will not approach the wedding aisle, chancel space (the alter). This means, no standing directly behind or in front of Officiant or behind or in front of the couple, keeping a fifteen feet distance from the Officiant and Couple.

  • Use their appropriate lenses in order remain discrete and limit movement during the ceremony.

  • NO FLASH during the wedding Ceremony.

  • With the couples Recessional down the aisle, photographer will wait for the couple to reach the end of the aisle. Do not meet the couple in the aisle.

Officiant will:

Instruct all guests who brought their own cameras to turn them off once the wedding starts. This will allow the professional photographer to do his job without obstruction. When the service is completed, all are welcome to capture photos of the Recessional.



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