Bride's Personal Assistant

It's arrived. It's finally here. It's the morning of your wedding day. You probably didn't get much sleep last night did ya? In just a handful of hours you're going to be

Mrs. ___________.

You’re so excited and you should be! Your engagement time has been filled with the details of planning your wedding. You have lovingly labored for many months with your Wedding Planner with your time and energy to create a beautiful wedding. Booked a lovely venue, chosen which flowers would be just right, considered the many shades of ink for the invitations and collaborated with your Officiant over your wedding vows so that they may be meaningful, inspiring, and touch your hearts.

Now...your alarm clock is ringing and you've got a million things to do and the clock is ticking...literally. You jump out of bed. Coffee...where's the coffee. Make the coffee. Run through in your head all that you and your girls have to do. Shower, hair and makeup. Fix that chipped nail. Make sure your girls get something to eat...make sure YOU eat. Watch the clock...stay on your schedule for the day. The girls are arriving. Great! Find the wedding morning itinerary "checklist". Can't forget ANYTHING today. Dress, petticoats, bra, veil, shoes, Aunt Sue's pearls, extra makeup, perfume, emergency wedding day kit. Feed the dog. Feed the cat.

How are your Bridesmaids? Hungry. Everyone is hungry. More coffee, mimosas and breakfast. Do THEY have their dresses, shoes, and jewelry?

Where's the Marriage License for Officiant? Didn't you leave it in your shoebox last night along with your bracelet and Aunt Sue's pearl necklace? No. In your purse? No, not in your purse. Oh, geese, don't forget your purse.

The hunt for the Marriage License is on. The clock is ticking...Hair and Makeup vendors arrive to make everyone gorgeous. The house, or hotel suite, now looks like a sorority house on steroids.

Mom and Dad arrive with lunch. Mom looks tired and Dad looks like a deer caught in the headlights.

What time is it? Twenty minutes left.

Ten're not ready and the limo has arrived...

Where is that Marriage License?

And that is just a few reasons why you need a Bride's Personal Assistant on your wedding day!

As a seasoned Wedding Planner of fifteen years, I now offer my expertise and skills to you, the Bride, as your "Personal Assistant". Don't be confused in the difference in a Planner or Coordinator and a "Bride's Personal Assistant". The Planner is all about the details of the venue and what's in the building. The flowers, Catering Company, DJ, cake company...and so on.

As a "Bride's Personal Assistant", my only concern is about you the Bride and your "people" and getting you to the aisle.

From that morning to the bustling of the gown after the ceremony, I'm there to take care of "special people". Bride, Bridesmaids, Moms and Dads, and so on. I do the social "stuff" that is required for a wedding ceremony to move smoothly and free of stress. I assist you throughout the day by resolving problems. I take your phone calls (if you wish), get you coffee and food, help dress you in your bridal gown and veil (I can't tell you how many times I've seen veils put on backwards and mom's or bridesmaids with no clue of how to dress the bride).

I am your personal assistant that coordinates and facillitates your getting to the ceremony on time and then turns you over to your Wedding Coordinator once you have made your ressional down the aisle. When you've been placed in the hands of your Coordinator I will finish with any final details you've instructed me to do.

Weeks or months prior to the wedding day, I've spent time with you helping you select her Bridal ensemble. The gown veil, shoes, jewelry, hair and makeup, and bridesmaids ensemble as well. I can be the "bad guy" if it comes down to your not wanting to hurt the Bridesmaids feelings in picking a dress that you love but they don't.

We'll establish a Wedding Day (getting to that aisle) Itinerary starting 24 hours before it's time to walk up the aisle. An itinerary is only good if you can keep everyone on track and I'm there to do just that. I'm there to help you and your "people" to navigate all the details of the wedding day starting with my arrival in the morning of the wedding coffee in hand.

From coffee to bridal veil, and everything in between, I'm here to walk you and your girls to the aisle.

Free of stress, worries or troubles.

Give me a call for more information on this very special and affordable service.




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