Jewish Interfaith Wedding

I am so excited that you have found your Beshert!

Not the same religion? Ok...It really is Ok and I'm here to help you to understand what it all means and, if you decide to, I'll Officiant your Interfaith wedding ceremony.

I personally understand that Interfaith marriages can become complicated and stalled by many issues. I don't want couples who find themselves in a religious law struggle to not have someone to turn to.

You’ve found the right place to get the answers you so badly need. As an Interfaith Christian-Jewish Officiant, I can provide the following information and services all of which can be adapted to your needs and...note,

I'm not a Minister or Officiant who has to learn the Hebrew prayers. I live them every day. I'm not a stranger to Jewish law or the laws of Christianity. In my life I have had the joy of both religions.


My knowledge allows me to:

Officiate your (non Orthodox) Jewish ceremony Provide tips for inclusive Wedding Ceremonies Explain what makes a Jewish Wedding "Jewish" Examine the differences between a Christian and Jewish Wedding Help in finding the common ground for the Jewish-Christian Ceremony Expose the obstacles in the planning of a Jewish-Christian Wedding


Lots of things to think about and decisions to make. Will you select and the sign a Ketubah? Are you going to marry under a Chuppah? If yes, a blessing of your Chuppah (your first home) is a beautiful way to start your wedding ceremony.

Do you want to do a Kiddush, the Shehecheyanu (a joyous blessing that is recited at the arrival of any long awaited joyful life event). And theres, so much more to think about. The Seven Blessings, and one of my very favorite Jewish wedding traditions, the Bride circling her beloved Groom, and finally the yichud.

I'm here to help you select what's important to you and what isn't.


Embrace and acknowledge each other's faith with a full understanding of what it means to marry out side your faith or religion. You are an interfaith couple. You come from two great religions, which are neither contradictory nor antagonistic because their aims are the same...compassion, kindness, respect and love of family and God.

Marriage need not be a melting pot in which differences cease to exist. As you become a married couple you bring together, in a mysterious yet happy way, two pasts, differing in traditions. Build upon them, for the strength of any people lie in their spirituality, however this may be defined. With the support and encouragement each can give to the other, you will be able to develop new personal dimensions, adding new memories and new hopes to all those who are touched by your love.


Interfaith marriages are no longer considered unusual as our nation and world nations becomes more and more open to the formation of relationships between men and women of opposite ethnic and religious backgrounds. What was discouraged ten years ago is now seen as natural and acceptable. When two people of different faiths and backgrounds come together to marry, it is a reason to celebrate with great joy.

Give me a call and let me share with you how you can make your Interfaith Jewish and Christian wedding ceremony meaningful to everyone who attends your wedding ceremony and...

Mazel Tov to the two of you!

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