For Groom's Only

Excited but a bit overwhelmed by all of this?

One minute your euphoric and the other you're shaking your head wondering how all of this is going to get done on time and not end in a big mess.

Has your beautiful bride been in constant "planning" mode?

You know what I'm talking about. The bridal magazines scattered all over the floor, the "honey it's not purple it's lavender" to never mind that you don't eat fish and you'd just love a good steak at the reception.

Since putting that ring on her finger you're now feeling a you're just suppose to keep signing the checks and show up at the appointed date and time.

It's going to be OK. Actually it will be way better than OK. It's going to be great.

Even if you don't have a "bridezilla" on your hands and you're just as into the planning as your bride (which makes me happy), your betrothal time can be a mixed blessing of full on stress to over the top bliss.

The world as you have known it has just changed. Literally overnight. The shopping, parties, fittings, invitations, what shade of ink for the invitations, the flowers, the linens, the menu, the ceremony, the vows, the guest list...who is "on it" and who is "not on it"...those not "on it" are going to be mad...well just great...put them back on the "on it" list...the planning...planning and more planning. Decision making on steroids!

Here is my best advice:

  • Come up for air every now and then! Go to dinner in a lovely but quiet restaurant and reflect on the meaning of what is about to take place. On your wedding day your going to become a family and that is pretty special. So celebrate it!

  • Don't make decisions when you're tired. "Fatigue" makes terrible decisions. Many decisions can wait until you've eaten or had a good night sleep.

  • Step back and savory these days. They are fleeting. Your love for her and her love for you is what brought you to this moment in time. That love will grow even deeper over the next few months of your betrothal period.

Years from now your going to look back and the memories will be there.

And the memories will be good.

Really...Really... good.

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