The scent of a woman

MEMORIES are not just made by the eye but by all the senses. We collect bits and pieces of moments of our wedding day that will stay with us forever.

Every time you put your signature wedding day perfume on your wrist, the memories will come flooding back to you. The way he kissed you when you said “I DO”. Your first dance and how you held each other so tight. Your first photo as husband and wife standing on the beach with the evening breeze blowing through your hair.

How do you know what scent is right for you for your big day? How do you navigate the perfume counter and the sales ladies who are ready to pounce on you with their newest “sample”aimed right at you?

How do you come away not giving everyone a good whiff of just how confused you really are and your windows rolled down all the way home? It’s easy….it just takes a little time and energy and you too can become a perfumer.

CALL your favorite retail store and ask for a consultation appointment with their best Perfumer. Explain that you are looking for your signature perfume for your wedding day. They will be happy to set you up for a consultation. Do not feel compelled to buy perfume at this point. Remember your goal right now is to educate your self to what is out there. It could take months to make your mind up. Be patient!


  • Be honest with the Perfumer about what you know or don’t know about perfumes. They love to teach!

  • Start with the “giants” in the industry. What I mean is start with the perfume companies that have been around forever. Realize that many of the new perfumes today are here today and gone tomorrow. Every actress and rock star have a perfume they have created. I saw just the other day a famous TV show has created a signature perfume…ok…..well, why not.

  • Try on only three to four different perfumes at one sitting. No more or you’ll get confused with what the true essence of the perfume is due to interference from the others.

  • Keep a little diary of the perfume “experience”. What I mean is, did you like the scent initially only to find out an hour later it turned on you or did you accidentally find that there was a lovely scent that came out of “combining” two perfumes. This is a great way to create your own “signature” perfume.

Still not happy with what you’ve tried? No problem. Have a local perfumer create a fragrance just for you and send it home in a beautiful custom bottle with your signature label to boot!

They work closely with you to learn what your favorite scents are and to learn a bit about you personality.

Once that is accomplished the magic starts. Essential oils are mixed and matched to find the scent that is your best match with your chemistry and likes. Once you’ve done your homework and found the perfume your happy with, bring it home and store it in a cool dark place (your dresser drawer).

The essential oils in perfume do not like sun light. Resist the temptation of placing the bottle on your dresser. I know the bottles today are lovely but your investment (and boy is it when you consider what you just paid per ounce) in that perfume will literally evaporate and turn on you if not kept in the right environment.

FINALLY…how to wear your perfume on your wedding day. Apply the perfume on you and not the dress! The essential oils can not work on fabric. They need the warmth of your skin. The oils on fabric will over time ruin the gown by yellowing the fabrics. Reapply the perfume during the course of the wedding events. A great time to do this is immediately following your ceremony when the two of you are celebrating a few moments alone or when your coordinator is bustling your gown.


Normally, I teach woman that a woman’s perfume should never enter the room before she does. It can be intrusive to those in the work place and other public environments. Your perfume should not be “noted” until someone comes into your personal space. The “scent” of you is not meant for everyone to experience!

However…this is one time I say…bring it on. It is your day. It’s all about you. Make a statement and a memory for all who hug you, kiss you and admire your beauty. The scent of a bride is her signature to her true personality and one that will be remembered by her husband for a life time. Every time you reapply your perfume, the two of you will remember your wedding day. Lovely!



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