Selecting your Bridal Gown

I started this wonderful profession years ago working for one of the best known national bridal gown retailers.

I love bridal gowns! I confess I do and I imagine so do you. How can you not love them?

Loving all of them can make it hard to select just the right one for you. But it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s what you do:

SEASON: What season is your wedding date? A heavy winter ballgown won’t be comfortable in the spring or summer nor will a light weight gown work in the dead of winter.

LOCATION: Where is your wedding to take place? In a large church or in an intimate setting such as a friends private home? Will that ballgown be hard to move around in the private home? Will the short flirty dress be out of place in the church? Of course.

PRICE POINTS: What “price point” do you what to set for your gown. Don’t even walk into a salon until you have figured this one out. If you do, you will very likely spend way more than you need to or want to.

Trust me…once you step foot in the bridal salon they know how to work you and your emotions. They are trained to make the sale. Your excited and anxious all at the same time and in a retail shopping experience that is unfamiliar to you. Don’t ever tell the bridal consultant you have no budget unless you really have no spending limits. Note: Be prepared to add in additional $$$ for alterations.

APPOINTMENT: You must call for an appointment. If you are working with your personal Wedding Consultant many times she will call and schedule your appointment and she will let the salon consultant know what style of gowns to have ready for you. Do not walk in off the street. Salons work off of appointments only. They want to give you all the attention you will need and staff is limited to only so many appointments a day.

EAT BEFORE YOU GO: Trying on gowns is exhausting. It’s work and can require several hours of standing on your feet.

RULE OF THREE: Go to three salons and at each salon pick three dresses that you like the best. Take a picture of you in each gown. Go home. Sleep on it. Don’t make a decision out of pure emotion. You may regret it in the morning and wedding dresses CAN NOT BE RETURNED NOR CAN THEY BE CANCELLED. You put your credit card down…you now own the dress. Plain and simple.

RULE OF TWO: If you have not found three gowns during that first appointment…set a second appointment time. Do not be pressured into buying a gown during the first appointment. Remember THE RULE OF THREE.

RULE OF ONE: Only one salon visit a day. If you do more, you will be very confused and not to mention exhausted.

HOMEWORK: Do your homework. Know what style interest you. Cut out pictures from the bridal magazines and take them to the appointments. Look at color, silhouette and even the length of the gowns. Your consultant will appreciate it and be prepared to help you in your selection.

You’ve chosen your gown. Maybe it was easy. Maybe your wondering why you didn’t get giddy and tearful with emotion over your gown selection and experience.

REMEMBER…there is only one you. Every bride has a different experience when selecting her gown. When I chose my gown, I just knew it was the right one. There were no tears or a great emotional “this is the dress”. I just knew it was the one for me. I looked beautiful in it and it on me. The dress did not wear me I wore the dress. It was right for all the above conditions. Venue, season, theme of the wedding and so on.

All your hard work has paid off and now you must do one more thing.


NO more thumbing through the bridal magazines or late night bridal gown website window shopping either. It will be the curse of you if you do. You can and will find another dress that catches your attention and maybe your heart and then the other dress is domed and so is your pocket book. How do I know this? Well let us just say…I’ve “been there done that”. Do as I say and not as I’ve done. Sooo embarrassing….LOL!



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