Which one tells your love story?


Many couples with no affiliation to a particular church or religion want a ceremony that is more meaningful than going to the courthouse. That’s when the question of “who will marry us” comes up.


The perfect fit for the couple is a custom crafted ceremony by an Officiant who is not bound by religious laws, principles, doctrines or "church" rules and regulations.


We live in an imperfect world.  Very different for the stuff that fairytales are made of.  Cinderella didn’t have to worry about “different religions” or “what is my family going to say when I tell them he is not of our faith?


Your marriage is the blending of the two of you and your respective families but this is the real world. Together we are creating a new family…your family.


With understanding, I help bring families together who can’t seem to figure out what to do about the “issues” by bridging your difference and making you feel whole again.


It's a “universe” focused ceremony. Your guest would not necessarily realize that there is little to no mention of God or a higher power.  The focus is on the earth, the sun, the sky and universe as a whole.  


Lovely in it’s verbiage and feel, a “spirit filled” ceremony appeals to all as it traditionally transcends all religious and cultural beliefs and can be a great solution for families that are struggling with the blending of two different cultures and or religions.



Are you an Atheist or of another belief system that just can’t be placed in some nice neat category?  Maybe your fiance is religious and you are not.  Well, no worries because this is where Officiants shine.  


Did you know we typically are not Ministers?  I have embraced all belief systems and can bring to your wedding the elements that are important to you and your fiance.


Short on time? Need to marry quickly? I Officiate wedding ceremonies with up to 6 to 8 guests at various locations throughout the San Antonio area but many couples find my home to be a perfect choice for their Elopement needs. 


I am ordained and able to perform wedding services to your liking. I work with you to make your ceremony unique and special to you.  From “short and sweet” your elopement ceremony will be beautiful.   


You're still in love after all these years and want to renew the vows that brought you together in the first place or maybe your initial wedding wasn’t exactly “the perfect” day or you simply want to renew the special feelings you have for one another.


The renewal of vows is the perfect choice.  Together we will create a personal ceremony that reflects the love you felt for each other as bride and groom and how your love has grown over the years.  Invite your family and friends to celebrate your new wedding day.


Are you marrying for a second time, a third time or are you an Elizabeth Taylor Bride and have been married many times and not willing to give up on married love?


Celebrating your discovering each other and love again, can be just as romantic and beautiful as it is for a first time bride and groom.


Let me tell your love story and the blessing of finding love again.


You’ve found the right place to get the answers you so badly need. As an Interfaith Christian-Jewish Officiant, I can provide Officiant services and information to help you meet your ceremony needs.


I'm not a Minister or Officiant who has to learn the Hebrew prayers. I live them every day. I'm not a stranger to Jewish law or the laws of Christianity. In my life I have had the joy of both religions.



For more about my Jewish ceremony, follow the link...






Are you a same sex couple struggling with finding a Minster to marry you? It can be tough finding the right person to perform your ceremony.


Ministers typically do not provide marriage services to couples who are same sex leaving only a handful of Officiants who will perform LBGT weddings and I'm one of them!.

Call me.
I can help with a compassionate and caring attitude and demeanor.


I’ll be happy to be your Officiant for your very special day.


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